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Using AI & Big Data we help companies eliminate failed deliveries, save money through transparency into supply chain & delivery network, and more effectively manage the last 50m of a delivery.

Deliveries Validated Everyday Across Canada!

Your Deliveries are in Good Company…

Smart Capture

Detect & prevent wrong-address deliveries in real-time at the driver level.

Smart Guidance

Location intelligence at your fingertips. We help bring clarity to the last 50m of the delivery.

No Integration, No problem.

Want to see the ROI before integrating your systems with our API & SDK?

No more wrong address deliveries

Your drivers are in constant motion and human-errors can be costly to your business. Our AI engine is designed to detect and prevent mis-deliveries upon taking the proof of delivery photo and validate the delivery.

Improve your delivery performance & customer satisfaction

Your drivers lose significant time in delivering to dense urban areas. Our location intelligence sourced data helps predict the last 50m for you and your drivers.

Seeing the ROI shouldn’t require you to integrate

Whether you are a merchant, delivery provider, or a route optimization software; our onboarding approach allows you to simply upload delivery reports online where our AI engine provides validation of delivery and other valuable delivery insights that impact your P&L into a customized personal web dashboard.

Get early access to our SDK & API and start validating your deliveries!

Currently the access to our solutions are on an invite-only basis. Fill out the form to join our wait-list and get access to our smart capture for FREE!

Our solutions are designed for:

Last-Mile Delivery Providers


Route Optimization Software Providers

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