We are currently active in Canada and US, with more countries coming online soon! If there is a specific country you would like added to our coverage, let us know here.

It’s really easy to add Smart Addressing to your website forms, we’ll guide you through each step when you log in to your account. There’s a small snippet of code to copy and paste onto your webpage.

If you can’t find an address, then the most likely reason is that it’s new, and hasn’t been added yet to the dataset. All our databases are updated regularly. As soon as the address has been added to the database, you should see the address reflected in our service.

If your property is not new please contact us and hopefully we’ll be able to help. Remember, though, we can’t make any actual changes to the data ourselves (because it’s owned and maintained by third-party providers such as Canada Post), so if an address is missing or incorrect you should contact the third-party directly.

We source our data from the best-in-class providers including official data providers such as: USPS and Canada Post.

Yes! We can provide additional information about the address, such as address type, which helpful to find the right carrier and ensure your deliveries are completed on the firs attempt. For example, you can avoid deliveries going to commercial addresses on weekends, when they are likely to be closed.

Delivery Service Provider

Our solutions are API-based and work with all the major delivery management platforms out there (e.g., Bringg, OnFleet, Locus, etc.). If your delivery management platform allows third party connections then our services should be able to integrate.

We suggest asking your delivery management platform contact about third party integrations. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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