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Three amazing APIs that are connected to one AI tech stack. Choose which one is right for your operations.

Why Dropoff AI?

1. See an increase of validated FADR of up to 98.6%.

All our products are designed to do one thing, improve the delivery experience and ensure the package reaches its intended destination 100% of the time.

2. AI solutions that are designed from the driver’s perspective.

Our solutions are designed and empowered by the hundreds of driver interviews about the daily problems faced trying to complete deliveries. Happy drivers lead to reduced driver turnover and retraining and an improvement of the overall delivery experience, especially with gig drivers.

3. Reducing customer complaints and invalid delivery claims.

The delivery experience has a significant impact on the overall customer’s purchase journey. We help ensure deliveries arrive at the intended location and help you drastically reduce costly customer claims.

Solving Failed & Negative Delivery Experiences

We focus on the last 100ft of the delivery that is a cause of significant failed & negative delivery experiences.

Smart Addressing

Dirty, non-standardized, or incomplete addresses are a major headache for merchants and carriers. Such addresses lead to failed deliveries and inefficient delivery routes.

Smart Capture

With the increase of delivery volumes and same-day shipping, errors such as wrong address deliveries are almost unavoidable for delivery drivers. Additionally, businesses have seen a rise in invalid claims and customers are demanding greater validity of their contactless deliveries.

Smart Guidance

Multi-unit residentials are the bane of a driver’s existence because of the immense challenges (e.g., finding parking, finding the correct building entrance, gaining entry, etc.) that must be overcome to complete the delivery to these addresses.

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We Love Integrations

As an API-based company, we love working with various software providers from routing platforms to Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

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