Products that will
Redefine your Delivery Operations

“About 20% of failed deliveries occur due to inaccurate addresses collected from checkout.”

Features & Benefits

Automate your address cleaning and reduce manual checks

Save time by making delivery routes more efficient with enhanced geocoding

Identify missing address information (unit # missing for multi-unit addresses, etc)

1 in 5 customers will actively avoid¬† courier companies with whom they’ve had a bad experience with in the past.

Features & Benefits

Prevent wrong-address deliveries in real-time

Monitor driver delivery quality metrics

Standardize PODs and improve driver compliance

Reduce insurance claims & premiums (i.e: fraudulent claims)

“72% of drivers take at least 4 to 7 minutes finding the right entrances & buildings”


Features & Benefits

Know exactly where your deliveries are going across Canada & US (i.e: multi-residential, single, commercial, etc)

Reduce parking tickets costs with our parking awareness based system for your drivers

Concierge Availability - know upfront of the likelihood of your deliveries succeeding for apartment buildings

All our solutions are integrated with our Smart Dashboard that provides deep insights into your daily operations.

Features & Benefits

Quickly identify gaps in delivery quality

Clear visibility into your route P&L

Get new insights into your current operations - through your current and historical delivery data

Our proprietary solutions provide verification results of succesful or failed deliveries

Compare with historical benchmarks of delivery metrics within your area (i.e: route timings, profitibility, etc)

Our solutions are designed for:

Last-Mile Delivery Providers

Meal-Prep / Pharmaceutical / Grocery Delivery Providers

Route Optimization Software Providers