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Smart Addressing

“Over 20% of failed deliveries occur because addresses collected at checkout are inaccurate and dirty.”

Perfect for…

What problems can arise from an inaccurate delivery address? Failed Deliveries!

What problems can arise from an inaccurate delivery address? Failed Deliveries!

Today’s delivery systems rely on mapping technology that takes delivery information and creates specific lat/long coordinates, which is typically called a Geocode“. So in this example, let’s see how an inaccurate address impacts the geocode.

Let’s look at an example…

Let’s say you are shopping online from your favourite store.
Your input into the website is: 408-2200 John St.

Without proper address cleaning
& tokenization…

The address is interpreted as: 408 John St.
The geocode created from that inaccurate address: 43.82045, -79.38780

You can see from the image on the left that not running an address through a cleaning process leads to an inaccurate geocode and ends up creating a wrong destination address. Leading to unoptimized batching of deliveries and routes!


By using Smart Addressing…

The address is interpreted as: 2200 John St, Unit #408
The geocode created from that address: 43.82232, -79.37151

In this particular example, the driver ends up going to the wrong address which is 3.3km/2.05mi away from the actual delivery address.

If addresses don’t seem right, we fix them…

Your typical address validation system won’t catch errors if certain parts of the address are true.



…but most importantly, we tell you what we fixed
Unlike other validators, if we auto-fix an address, we’ll tell you exactly what parts of it we changed. If we can’t fix it, we’ll identify the potential root cause using our internal confidence rating system.

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Smart Addressing empowers your fulfillment & delivery operations

As a retailer, your costs to handle a failed delivery can add up:

  • 53% of retailers try to re-deliver the package (add. costs)
  • 41% offer a refund to the customer
  • 34% provide a discount/credit to the customer

By having cleaned addresses and exact geocodes, each driver can save up to 30 minutes per day on their respective routes. 

Leverage powerful insights to ensure customer needs are met from the delivery notes and address type.

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