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Smart Capture

“1 in 5 customers will actively avoid courier companies with whom they’ve had a bad experience in the past.“
Proof-of-Delivery (POD) data is a vital component in determining the validation and success of a delivery.

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What kind of Data is typically collected?

What kind of Data is typically collected?

A typical delivery photo by the driver (porch, customer package, etc)

Timestamp of delivery

GPS data (Arrival & Completion)

However, many delivery companies have a weak collection method and the quality of the data is inadequate to refute potential customer claims and reimbursements. On average, we have observed over 70% of deliveries’ POD data is inadequate to verify completion of deliveries to the intended address.
Smart Capture enhances your operations by creating a digital chain of custody signature of the task and validating the completion of the pickup or delivery.

Help drivers prevent wrong-address deliveries in real-time

Standardize PODs & improve driver compliance at a greater scale

Reduce insurance claims & premiums (i.e: fraudulent claims) by improving POD data quality

We can help confirm if an actual package was dropped off and the condition it was left in.

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