Who We Are

We are tech geeks with expertise in logistics that are leveraging AI and Big Data to remove the barriers that have been plaguing last-mile deliveries for decades.

Our Vision

We want to help create consistently great delivery experiences for everyone by Cbuilding solutions that empower drivers and provide transparency into the last 100ft of last mile.

Why are we so passionate about helping to create great delivery experiences?

Funny enough, the main reason to work on this problem came about when we were a delivery company in the Greater Toronto Area. Yes, you read that right – we did deliveries! Suffice to say, we have an intimate understanding of bad delivery experiences.

We realized many of the bad delivery experiences are rooted in the last 100ft of the journey. Drivers are ill-equipped with the tools to navigate the last 100ft, lacking assurance of creating a timely great delivery experience.

So we packed up our warehouse and like a flock of geese, started flying to a new destination that would become Dropoff AI.

Who we are?

From running Delivery Companies to developing solutions for AVs & Robotics, we are pumped to focus on solving problems for the last 100ft through AI & Big Data.

AI & Big Data Addicts

With years of experience in implementing AI & Big Data solutions, our algorithms extract actionable insights from your deliveries data that will take your delivery operations to the next level.

We Ran a Delivery Company

We’ve been there too and we know how painful deliveries can be. From managing a warehouse to managing drivers, we understand the priorities that are important to eCommerce & delivery companies.

AVs to Robotics

We are a group of scientists and engineers that have experience dealing with complex transportation and supply chain problems and are excited to bring our diverse skillset and fresh approach to last mile.

Our Team

We are founders that come from a diverse set of backgrounds – developing solutions for Logistics, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics.

Syed Qadri

Founder & CEO

Yinan Wang

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Vaibhav Mehta

Co-founder & Head of Engineering

Zafer Qureshi

Co-Founder & Head of Revenue & Logistic Partnerships

Meet ...

Our Canadian Goose and Resident Expert of Learning & Navigation.

The Canadian Goose is a prestigious Canadian icon. We find them inspiring for a variety of reasons…

Quick Learners: Baby geese, are extremely quick learners. So quick in fact, that they use their impressionable skills to mimic the adults and learn how to swim in just 24 hours after hatching.

Great Navigators:
They have a strong sense of direction and location memory; and while they migrate down south in winter, they return back to their birthplace in the spring. They also are able to travel 1,500 miles in a day if the weather permits.

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